Socials 3

Socials 4

  • Which was more important to the Haida, the salmon or the cedar?

  • Which was more important to the Inuit, the seal or the caribou?

Socials 5

  • Given a selection of significant individuals in Canada's history, who should be featured on the new Canadian Quarter? & why?

  • Which physical region would I move to if I had to move from here? & why?

  • Why did my relative choose to move to Canada?

  • What would my life be like if my relatives had not moved to Canada?

  • What are some of the things we have in Canada that have come from (insert country here) and how would your life change if they did not exist today?

  • Who would be a good person to put on a new stamp for Canada & why?

  • Design a new stamp for Canada depicting an event in history & tell why that event deserves the honour?

Socials 6

  • Given two countries, which one would I choose to live for a year and why?

  • How would my life be different if the Charter of Rights and Freedoms did not exist?

  • How would life in Canada change if we had the same government as China?

  • How would my life be better if I moved to (name a country) ? How would it be worse for me?

  • What would my life be like if I didn't have the internet? cell phone? a vehicle?

  • What if our family only had bikes to get us places?


  • Here's a sample Inquiry wiki developed by Val Martineau of of Fairview Elementary, Nanaimo, BC.

  • This inquiry unit connects with many Social Studies, Language Arts, ICT and cross-curricular outcomes.

  • Question: What would be a great city to host the next Olympics?

Socials 7

Ancient Mesopotamia

  • Are Canada’s laws better than Hammurabi’s or not?

  • Was Hammurabi a good leader for the time he ruled?

  • What was the most important Mesopotamian invention: the wheel or writing? Why?

Ancient Egypt

  • Why is mummification considered to be one of the greatest legacies of the Egyptians?

  • What was the greatest legacy of the Egyptians: Hieroglyphics or the Pyramids? Why?

  • Were the pharaohs more or less powerful that our Prime Minister? Why or why not?

  • Why were Egyptian religious beliefs good for their civilization?

  • Who was the most interesting Egyptian god & why?

Ancient Greece

  • What made the Greeks’ greatest legacy the Olympic Games?

  • Why did the Greeks need to believe in many gods?

  • Who whe greatest Greek goddess?

  • Why didn't the Greeks give women political rights and was that a good idea?

  • How would have life in ancient Greece been changed if women were given more political rights?

  • How would our language today be different if it weren't for the Greek influence on our language?

  • How were the Greek gods important to the Greek people?

  • Were Greek gods greater than the goddesses? How & why?

  • Would today's athletes win more or fewer Olympic medals that the ancient Greek athletes and why?

  • Which is worse; the modern-day devil or Hades? Why?

Ancient China

  • How is the Three Gorges Dam good for China?

  • Was Qin Shihuangdi a good leader or not?

Ancient Rome

  • The Romans: Were they cruel masters or wise leaders?

  • Why was the Roman gladiator system cruel and unnecessary?

  • Was the Roman gladiator system was not a good thing or not?

  • How did the Roman roads ‘shrink’ the world, just as the internet is ‘shrinking’ our world today?

  • Who was Rome’s greatest emperor and why?

  • Was it wise for the Romans to believe in many gods and why?

  • What made the Roman army so formidable?

Ancient Times

  • How is the world better today than in ancient times?


Medieval Projects

  • What did the monks wear and why did they wear this type of clothing?

  • What did medieval women wear and why did they wear this type of clothing?

  • What clothing was worn by the different classes of people during the Medieval times? How did class affect these clothing choices?

  • How would building materials determine the exterior and interior of a serf’s hut?

  • In the Middle Ages what types of clothing were worn by the peasants and how did class affect the choices of fabric used?

  • What were the most common methods of execution in Medieval Times? Did class affect the method selected?
  • What was the most well-known battle during Medieval Times and what tactics and weapons helped determine the winner?

  • How was the life of a serf connected to each season?

  • What was the importance of a knight’s medieval sword?

  • Of all the medieval hand weapons, which one was considered the deadliest?

  • What different types of armour were worn by knights during the Middle Ages and what were their different advantages?

  • What common forms of entertainment were enjoyed by all the classes of society during Medieval Times?

  • When a knight went to fight during the Crusades what weapons or special equipment would he need to be well prepared?

  • Why was falconry practised during the Middle Ages and how has this practice changed today?

  • Why was a trebuchet more challenging to make than a mongonel?

  • Was the process for selecting a new pope in Medieval Times a fair one?

  • What different types of weapons used by knights during the Middle Ages and what were their different advantages and disadvantages?

  • Why was the Magna Carta such an influential document?

  • What were the responsibilities of noble women and how did they contribute to medieval society?

  • What offensive weapons were the most effective during the siege of a castle?

  • What kinds of armour did the horses wear in battle and how effectively did it protect them?

  • What defensive weapons were the most effective during the siege of a castle?

  • What was the process and importance of teaching noble children proper etiquette and social graces?

  • How does a trebuchet work and was it an effective siege weapon?

  • What other responsibilities did a knight have when he was not in battle?

  • What was the importance of the blacksmith’s role in Medieval society?

  • What the importance of embroidery in Medieval times?

  • How does a trebuchet work and how has modern day advanced its design?

  • How did the Christian religion influence daily life in Medieval times?

CANADA (ESL & Study Skills)

A posthumous award will be presented to "The Most Famous Canadian". You've been invited to make a presentation in order to have "your person" elected for the award. In your presentation, you should share their biography, career, challenges, and significance to Canadians of today.


Your good friend was in an accident and suffered total amnesia. They have asked you and your class to educate them about the common religions so that they can make a logical choice as to what suits their personality. Pick one of: Christianity, Taoism, Shinto, Islam, Judaism, Buddhism, Scientology, Zoroastrianism, Baha'i Faith, wicca, Jainism, Confucianism, Hinduism, and Sikhism. Your presentation should discuss significant leaders/&or founders, traditions, core values or commandments, places of worship, sacred books, and population of followers.


Enlightened Thinkers - Select an "enlightened personality". How did they influenced modern ideas about leadership and society?
Create an advertisement (poster, video, powerpoint, speech, short story, etc.) for the election of one of the leaders of Great Britain during the 1600 and 1700s (Queen Elizabeth II, King James I, King Charles I, Lord Protector Oliver Cromwell, Charles II, James II, or William of Orange). Include character traits, significant accomplishments, a powerful & accurate image, and a campaign slogan.

French Revolution & English Civil War

Posthumous awards will be presented to notiable personalities from the era of the French Revolution and English Civil War. Awards are specifically for Best Leader, Cruelist, Greediest, Most Stubborn, Most Devious, Most Cunning, Worst Suffering, Kindest, and The Greatest Influence on Modern Times. You may pick from the following or an approved suggestion of your own: Napoleon, Louis XIV, Louis XVI, Marie Antoinette, Maximilien Robespierre, Jean Jacques Rousseau, Voltaire, Montesquieu, John Locke, Jean-Paul Marat, Jacques Danton, Madam Roland, Dr. Guillotine, Madam Corday, the Girondists, the Jacobins, Wives of Napoleon, Queen Elizabeth, King James I or II, King Charles I or II, Oliver Cromwell, Lord Strafford, Duke of Buckingham, and Matthew Hopkins. You must sell your person's achievements in an interesting but accurate manner. Any false information presented inorder to bias the selection committe will be punished by guillotine or clean-up duty.

Native Cultures

Did the environment affect the way that native cultures developed?
[suggestion: change this question to "How did...?"]


    1. What role did mapping play in the settlement of Early Canada?

    2. How did the cod fishery influence settlement?

    3. How did the fur trade influence settlement?

    4. How did the fur trade affect our relationship with the USA?

    5. How did the French and British affect Native populations?

    6. What role did alliances play in expanding exploration inland?

    7. What role did missionaries play in the relationship between natives and whites?

    8. Why was Acadia attractive for the French?

    9. Which of the Acts had the most lasting affect on Canada?

    10. What role did immigrants play in shaping the political aspect of BNA?

    11. Do you agree/disagree that the CPR saved the developing nation of Canada?

    12. What role did the Klondike Gold Rush play in transforming the immigration landscape in BC?

  • Under what circumstances is rebellion an acceptable option?


Human Geography:

  • Global warming is causing dramatic climate change. How has it affected any of the 5 major continents?

  • Have any of the effects of global warming been positive?

Politics and government:

  • What changes do you think could be made to ease political unrest in a country currently in turmoil (e.g. Egypt, Tunisia...)?

  • Imagine you are the newly elected Prime Minister of Aldergrovia. What changes would you put into effect immediately in order to improve the welfare of your voters and why?

  • What do you think are the major causes of political unrest are? What could governments do to improve the lives of their people?