Science Questions For Teachers


Earth and Space Science - Air, Water and Soil
  • Which of these - air, water, or soil - is most important to a plant? Why?


Earth and Space Science - Stars and Planets
  • What would be a better name for (name a planet) and tell why?


Life Science - Habitats and Communities
  • What would happen if you removed the highest link in a food chain? What would happen if you removed a lower link? *Use "Wolf Island" by Celia Godkin


Life Science - Human Body
  • Which of the human body systems - respiratory, digestive, circulatory, skeletal, muscular and nervous - is the most important and why?

Science 6

  • Create a presentation to your city/township council on using a different source of renewable or non-renewable energy.

Science 7

Life Science - Ecosystems
  • Create a new Habitat at the Greater Vancouver Zoo for your animal.



Life Science - Health

Create an advertisement (website, powerpoint, video, news broadcast, skit) to education the public on a bacterial or viral disease (e.g. influenza, herpes, polio, mumps, chicken pox, diphtheria, common cold, warts, food poisoning, pneumonia, measles, AIDS, gonorrhea, mononucleosis, hepatitis B, pink eye, tetanus, ear infections, meningitis, small pox).


Planets and Solar System

  • Think in terms of the Vogons elimination of Earth in The Hitch-hiker's Guide to the Galaxy. If you had to eliminate one planet in our solar system to accommodate an inter-galactic superhighway, which planet would it be and why? Which planet in our solar system is the most expendable? How would the removal of any one of the planets affect our solar system?

Earth and Space Science - Space Exploration

  • How does knowledge of astronomy help us inour community? - effects on climate, season, tides, navigation, predictions, energy source, technology translating to daily needs, etc.

  • How has space exploration benefited or harmed our world, our society, us? - technology, food, engineering, costs, resources used...

  • Which will benefit us more - space exploration or ocean exploration? - pros and cons of each, expense, source of O2, homeostasis for Earth vs, escape route, exploration stage of either, sources of nutrients/resources, disease control...

  • Why did the first exploreers try to understand the solar system? How did they explain the solar system?

Chemistry (adapted) - Elements

  • Which element would damage your way of life if it was no longer available?

Create an advertisement for your "superb" chosen element. Include: the element's name, symbol, atomic number, atomic mass, cost, and an advertising slogan that describes one or more of its important uses. Pictures and drawings will make your ad eye catching and help "sell" your element. Each member of the class will have buying power for one element so we will see which one sells the best!