On writing prompts (video and otherwise) - all grade levels

Post by joycevalenza on April 10th, 2011 in School Library Journal

TeachHUB offers a wide variety of provocative prompts that are designed to inspire critical thinking and either written or verbal response.

English 9

Research fairies in English folklore. How were fairies perceived in Shakespeare's day?

English 10 Honours

How does one's culture affect one's writing? Pick 5 poems from a culture, and discuss the different aspects of the culture and how they might affect the poem (language, origins, population, religious beliefs, traditions, daily life).

English 12

Pick one topic (daily life, Puritanism, causes of Salem Witch Trials, events and outcomes of the Trials, House Committee on Un-American Activities & the Hollywood Blacklist, McCarthyism, playwright Arthur Miller, or daily life in the USA in the 1950s) to prepare a multimedia presentation (powerpoint, poster, demonstration, skit, class participation activity, monologue, 3D object, music, video, etc.) that will education your classmates as to the background for The Crucible.