Sexual Health:

  • As a health researcher, which STI would you most like to see eradicated and why?


  • As a police officer, which drug available to teens would you most like to see disappear from the streets and why?

Emotional/Mental Health:

  • “How does (issue) affect a person’s life and how can they deal with it?”

Choose from:

  • Depression
  • Bipolar_disorder
  • Obsessive_compulsive_disorder
  • Post traumatic_stress_disorder
  • Panic_attacks
  • Schizophrenia
  • Anorexia_nervosa
  • Bulimia_nervosa
  • Steroid_misuse_(emotional_effects_not_physical)
  • Digital_addictions_(computer_texting_video_games)
  • Stress
  • Test anxiety

Some research ideas you could consider:

  • What are the causes & symptoms
  • How can people prevent, treat, cure, OR control it? (choose one)
  • Where can BC people go for support on it? ( LOCAL community resources)
  • How does it affect family/friends when they are trying to help the individual cope?

It is your classes' job to education the new grade 8's about the pitfalls of teenagehood. Pick one of the following topics to research and prepare a 5 minute presentation that will catch their attention and educate them: Eating disorders, STI, pregnancy, HIV/Aids, drugs, abusive relationships, contraceptives, nutrition and healthy eating, dieting, stress, depression, sleep disorders, & the influence of media.