Home Economics - Secondary

  • Research the cuisine of a country. Describe how the traditional menus, recipes, ingredients, and meal etiquette of the country are influenced by culture and geography.

  • How does advertising affect your own food choices? Be specific.

  • Why is it a challenge for Canadians to eat according to the 100-mile diet?

  • If you could choose a food-related career, which one would you choose and why?

  • Compare the cuisine, food preparation, eating practices and etiquette of two heritage cultures in Canada.

  • Why are fad diets so popular and are they as effective as they claim? Choose two food trends and analyze them to suport your answer.

  • Are all food additives bad?

  • Trace the production of one type of food we eat in Canada (e.g. chocolate, wheat) and determine what you you think consumers can do to improve any global or environmental issues associated with its production.

Technology - Automotive

  • You are in the market for a used car. Describe your personal requirements and determine which three models of vehicles would best suit your needs and budget.